7 Marketing Hacks for CEOs, Salespeople and those that need to Convert

7 Marketing Hacks for CEOs, Salespeople and those that need to Convert

7 Marketing Hacks for CEOs, Salespeople and those that need to Convert

Take a look at these very smart hacks that TopTenPercenter™ Salespeople and businesses use to separate themselves from the competition. You don’t have to do all of these… but do pick “1 or 2” and commit to putting it into your sales/marketing mix:

1. When you write a blog post (blogs still work if you have your email marketing list in order as well as participate in at least one social media outlet) be sure to add quotes from famous people who have huge followings on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and when you mention them in a Tweet for instance there is a chance that they find it flattering and they re-tweet it… you could be in front of millions of people.

2. Statistics show that for every 100 profiles you view on LinkedIn there will be 40 people visit your profile and at that point become a potential prospect. Do not visit these prospects in “secret” mode.  These are leads if you viewed your target audience in the first place.

3. With respect to pricing use rounded numbers with fewer syllables for emotional purchases. Studies show you will sell more.

4. Select and use a viral image (something trending right now) and ride the wave. Send it out via multiple social media outlets with your business message. This goes a long way for the right product/service.

5. Put >> on the buttons on your landing pages… it actually improves click-through.

6. Your highest converting marketing piece in many cases is your “Case Study”… and you don’t have one…?

7. For better conversion on your higher priced items – present the options like this on your sales pages (more people will buy the higher priced item if they think they are getting something free):

a. Basic Package $50

b. Advanced Package $100

c. Advanced Package with free add-on $100

You will increase the conversions of your $100 product/service sales using this presentation. Everything above is all about conversions.

Use these sales/marketing “hacks” to increase your lead flow… to get as many “at bats” as possible with your potential target market.

Also, make sure your sales training is in place and that you clearly and consistently work with your Sales Team to improve skills… roleplay, recorded call playback and critique, machine gun, etc.

All the leads in the world won’t help a Sales Team that is not fully trained. Without sales training it is like sending your soldiers off to battle without any weapons.

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