Sales and Marketing: Top Hypnotic Suggestive Key Words

Sales and Marketing: Top Hypnotic Suggestive Key Words

Sales and Marketing: Top Hypnotic Suggestive Key Words

Top 6 Power Words Every TopTenPercenter™ Salesperson Uses Consistently

7 Psychological Language Influencers –TopTenPercenter™ Salespeople use these to close more deals


Top 6 Words to — USE in your Sales Scripts (as well as your email subject lines / body


  1. Immediately
  2. Instantly
  3. Relevant
  4. Known
  5. First Announcement
  6. You’re invited

A couple notes regarding subject line length… how many characters. In general keep it short and know the # limitation of characters allowed in a subject line based on your email service provider. Example: Yahoo allows 46 characters, Gmail allows 70 characters.

Another tip for email marketers: Send A/B tests with your subject lines or body copy or offer, etc. I like to use 5 options not the standard 2 (A/B) options. Send all 5 out (to a smaller segment of your list) on Wednesday at 12 Noon and let them run for 20 hours. Send the winning subject line to your whole list at 8:30am Thursday.


7 Psychological language influencers –TopTenPercenter™ Salespeople use these phrases to close more deals:

1. Around emphasizing Needs/Wants in the sales process:

a. I know you want/need to ______.

b. You really should discover for yourself that ________.

2. To build Awareness around a particular topic or point during your conversation with your Prospect:

a. Remember _______.

b. Please realize that ________.

3. To link concepts like your Prospects pain and your product:

a. When you _______ you ________.

4. To engage your Prospects imagination in the “create desire” phase of your sales process, say:

a. What’s it like when you ______.

b. What would it be like if you _______.

c. It’s as if you ________.

5. To get your Prospect to take action:

a. Rapidly ______.

b. Fully _______. (Fully relax so that you fully ____.

c. I know you want ______ but not yet.

6. Use Pseudo Logic to influence your Prospect:

a. If you _______, then _______.

b. The more you ________, the more ________.

7. Influence by assumption:

a. Will you ______ now, or ______ later?

Remember (oops I just used one of those “influential” suggestive words – remember), you can  use these words in conversation or in emails…

And you should be using bulk email – it works – your list is or should be your goldmine. If you are not currently, systematically building a targeted, segmented list with bulk email marketing then start now.

It is not that hard. Read on for the best strategy.


TopTenPercenter™ Salespeople don’t wait for leads… they create their own systematic method of generating a consistent lead flow… there are many options:  Referral strategies, radio advertising, call center, etc.

Just a word on bulk email marketing. I just spent the last 10 months researching, testing, learning… basically banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to solve this bulk email, lead generation mystical mystery.

First I’ll say that the entire industry from lead lists to landing pages is very complicated. There are 100s of software options available if you want to take the time and focus on building a systematic way to ensure your company ALWAYS has leads… it is very possible. The problem of not enough leads is a problem from yesterday… not in today’s business world using today’s business technology.

Now with that said you almost have to be a genius to figure out how to build that system (there are so many twists and turns, bells and whistles and ups and downs). And once you have figured it out you realize that it is really very simple. It is very straight-forward with the primary key being consistency. Set up an automated system and let it work.

I’d be happy to consult with you on this… but this is what I’m going to tell you… let someone else have the headaches. You don’t have to build the system… you can buy very targeted leads that come from the #1 lead source in the US today – hands down no competition.

There are many companies that will sell you a lead list. Most of those lead lists have been sold over and over again 100 times. Buyer beware of those lists.

You want to find a list provider that runs lists for you daily. Fresh leads. Now, it is your responsibility to convert these people… you have to run them thru your entire sales process and win their business… but at least you will be “at bat”.


My help is available:

If you like what you are reading then let’s talk. I can supply the leads for you… 100 leads (or more) at a time as often as you like. They will be in your predefined targeted audience identified by title, industry, location, size of company, etc. They will come to you and you take it from there.

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