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Shane Byers
TopTenPercenter™ Sales Trainer
Founder: TopTenPercenter™ Sales Growth Society™
Author/Speaker/Game Changer

Are you looking to increase your sales?

Hi, I am Shane and I get results.

💰 What I Do:

I am the founder and CEO of Bold Enterprises, Inc.  I am a Sales Mentor and a Business Growth Expert who helps people and organizations in the creation of wealth by providing sales coaching and teaching bar none #1 sales strategies proven to systematically increase sales and profits. I will make you a much better Salesperson!  I train TopTenPercenters…


💰 How can I help you?

I run the TopTenPercenter Sales Growth Society where I train Sales Professionals to be their best… to be a TopTenPercenter.  Take a look at the testimonials on my home page and you can see what you can expect when you work with me.  Visit www.TopTenPercenter.com for more information.  


💰 How else can I help you?

I am the author of The Super-Me Self-Improvement Series.  This is a turbo-charged (no excuses) motivation system… Increase self-discipline, increase self-esteem… Improve your Image… Stop procrastination and Accomplish your goals… AND IT WORKS FOR: ANYONE, ANYPLACE, ANYTIME.  Visit:  www.super-me.com

You are highly encouraged to take advantage of “The Super-Me” Self-Improvement Series – A transformational experience…” to further develop your delivery, image, self-confidence and motivation… and so much more.  This series hits on the shortest “short cuts” to achieve goals in every area of your life… brain training, focus, health, etc.  I give you simple tools that work wonders:  The “10 Minute Rule, The Hollywood Smile, Take the First Step”… each new tool improves your life in a simple and direct way with instant positive impact.  Visit:  www.super-me.com


💰 Who I Work with:

  • Sales professionals worldwide.  And everyone is in Sales whether they know it or not.
  • CEO’s, business owners who want business acceleration thru Sales and Profits growth.


💰 Why It Works:

I am emotionally and personally involved in the success of everyone I train or help. I have succeeded in bringing value to any sales organization, executive suite or individual using my diverse business, sales and marketing skills.  Additionally, I work with a 2 Time Inc. 500 CEO that knows how to increase your profits (on your current revenue streams) by 20-30% and this has worked in over 250 industries.


💰 What makes me different:

30+ years of prosperous sales experience, hiring, training and leading thousands of sales professionals.  Expertly trained by the world’s best salespeople, my goal is to inspire, empower, and add sales velocity to you and/or your company’s bottom line.  I improve skills and enrich the confidence of sales professionals to make them successful. I am the Author of four sales books and ten self-improvement books.


💰 What others say:

“ Shane’s training was instrumental in propelling me to the top ranks of the sales profession. I highly recommend his training to anyone considering enhancing their professional sales skills. – Donald Stojack, Director of Client Services, Go Meta Media.


💰 Ready to talk?  

Contact me directly

Contact me, I would like to hear your story. Reach out to me directly at:


1 503-941-9400

Connect with me on Linkedin:  linkedin.com/in/shanebyers-sales-profit-expert