When Does It Make Sense to Talk with a Sales Consultant to Grow My Business? (This may be the best article you ever read to Grow your business…)

When Does It Make Sense to Talk with a Sales Consultant to Grow My Business?  (This may be the best article you ever read to Grow your business…)

When Does It Make Sense to Talk with a Sales Consultant to Grow My Business? (This may be the best article you ever read to Grow your business…)

When Does It Make Sense to Talk with a Sales Consultant to Grow My Business?

(This may be the best article you ever read to Grow your business…)

by Shane Byers


I’m going to do you a public service in this article.  Really.  Most of my articles deliver content on one topic or another.  This article is written to make you think about your business.  Is it where you really want it to be?  So, I’m not going to train you on anything in this article but it may be the best article you every read… because it will make you think.

Nurseries, Tree Services, Lawn Care, Landscaping, Garden Design, Aquatic Management, Hardscapes, Contracting Services, Pest Control, Outdoor Lighting, Pool Care, Ranch Hardware, Sprinkler Systems, Yardsmiths, Sod Farms…

Question:  What do all of these businesses have in common?


Surveys indicate that most business owners believe their business is unique.  The truth of the matter is that “business owners” are unique but businesses are not.

Every business faces the same challenges in varying degrees.  Profits. Human Resources.  Finance. Administration. Cash flow. Sales. Leads. Marketing. And Profits.  Do you have all of this and more in your business… well, for every business listed above they do too.

The deliverable (product or service) may be different but the business end of companies are the same.

Now, it’s a fact that no one can or should tell you about your product or service… no one knows it better than you.  You know your market.  You know your customers.  That’s your job to be an expert in your field.  Your customers rely on you for that…

But can we agree that being an expert in your field is not the same as being an expert at growing a business?  Those require two completely different skill sets.

Now that is not to say that you haven’t done a pretty fine job running your business so far but imagine where you might possibly be with the advice of a professional outside consultant… someone who is an expert in their product or service… Leads, Sales, Profits?

It all comes down to this:  You just don’t know what you don’t know.  A growth expert, a sales expert, a leads expert, a profits expert can walk in your front door, look in all the corners and by the time they walk out the back door they can will have concrete action steps for you to take to see immediate gains.

Do you think your company’s profits (not sales) can be grown by 20-30% in six to twelve months on the sales you currently have by focusing your attention on the things that matter the most to your Profit picture?

Let me ask you?  What do you tell your customers?  If you are a Yardscape Expert, an Arborist or an Outdoor Aquatic Specialist and your customer wanted to redesign the appearance of their property, trim the 100 year old Oak tree they have out back or add a large water feature…  Would you recommend that your customer try to do it themselves?  Or to hire some of the local kids or some small-time operation (someone who doesn’t have the experience and track record that you do) to do the job?

Probably not.  Agree?  Sure you agree.  Why?  Because you are an expert at those things and you know how to do it the right way the first time, the safe way, and how to get the desired end result this time and every time.  That is why you are still in business.

Well, if you are still with me then you know where this is going.  It only makes sense that if you are an expert in your field… you probably aren’t as good an expert in business.

  • Are you on top of the cutting-edge marketing that is working in today’s marketplace?
  • Are you on top of the technology that is available right now to improve your efficiencies 2-5-10 fold?
  • Are you a sales expert – are your deals closing so fast that you can’t keep up with the work?
  • Have you identified each specific Profit Driver in your company and have a clear and consistent implementation plan to improve and optimize each Driver?
  • Do you know how to drive leads to your salespeople on a continuous basis so that they beat their quotas every single month or quarter?
  • Are you even tracking your metrics in your business… and if you are… are you tracking the right ones?

There is a lot to know to run a successful business and it is very rare that a business owner has expert level skills in every area.  Again, sure, you could be doing alright right now… even very good.  But, do you ever ask yourself:

  • What if my business was much more profitable?
  • What if I didn’t have to work so hard because the systems in my business keep my company running like a clock even when I’m not there?
  • What if I could afford to take a lot more time off and have the time and money freedom to do some things that I have put off for years?
  • How much better off would my family be if my business made the kind of money that is really possible?

I know you have thought about these things because I talk with a lot of CEOs… they all think like this and the best of the best… the TopTenPercenters™… those are the CEOs who will use an outsourced talent to fill in the blanks that may be missing in your company.

If any of this is making sense then let’s get on the phone.  I’d love to hear your story.  And I’m certain I can answer some questions you may have in and around Sales, Marketing and Profits.

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